At Sika, we don’t see barriers or boundaries, only possibilities.?As an international company, our diverse workforce enables us to listen and effectively respond to local needs. Sika’s global presence and associated proximity to customers make it extremely important to integrate different cultures and share experience and know-how across national boundaries.??

"When we listen and celebrate what is both common and different, we become wiser, more inclusive, and better as an organization." Pat Wadors
Sika Indonesia Team

At Sika Diversity Drives Innovation

Paul Schuler, CEO

"We are an innovation driven company, and I?firmly believe that the diversity of our workforce is a key contributing factor to our success story; it is key to the growth of our organization.?

Sika is committed to fostering an inclusive and dynamic working environment in which all individuals are treated fairly and respectfully, have equal access to opportunities and resources, and can contribute fully to the company’s success.?In order to achieve this, we are actively working on reducing bias in hiring and promoting, fostering inclusivity, and creating a sense of belonging for our employees from all backgrounds."

Paul Schuler, CEO Sika AG

A diversified workforce drives greater innovation and ultimately business growth. Why? Because different perspectives are invaluable. While it is natural for people to feel more comfortable working alongside others who share similar background or opinions, collaborating with people who look, talk, or think differently can drive individuals and teams to think more creatively and thereby come up with more innovative solutions.?

At courses and seminars, Sika managers are encouraged to give high priority to diversity in team and project planning. We have 49 nationalities represented amongst Sika’s Senior Managers.

An Inclusive Work Environment

Sika has had a very successful track record in the past years. In the last 5 years the sales revenue increased from 5.2 billion to 8.1 billion and we are on the way to pass 10 billion. This is driven by our great employees with their commitment and dedication to Sika.
In 2015 we had 14’500 employees, today we have 25’000. Sika is in the great position that we have a very low fluctuation rate and we can retain our employees.? This provides great opportunities for all our employees, especially for women. We have many talented women in leading positions, doing outstanding work – and Sika needs more of them.

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High-quality solutions for the social housing projects of the Brazilian construction group Direcional Engenharia

"To me Diversity means expanding horizons: the people I work with have unique and different backgrounds and this uniqueness elevates and enhances conversations and enriches our outcomes as a team.?It is about making sure that everyone has an equal opportunity to contribute to making the strategy work and that everyone can contribute in a meaningful and effective way.?

Our teams are diverse and dynamic and this allows us to accomplish our goals in an efficient and effective way. For instance, at Sika we encourage you to take assignments outside your own country. This way we can share knowledge across all our locations worldwide."?

Jeremy Chilton, VP of Marketing Concrete/ Waterproofing Sika USA

Women of Sika

Women account for 23% of the Group’s total headcount (up from 22.3% in 2018). We are constantly working to increase this percentage at all hierarchical levels and conducted initiatives during the period under review to improve the quota of female employees in the company. The goal is to recruit, retain and promote more women, particularly in sales. (More details about our Women in Sales Program).

To find out what female employees think about Sika, the first global “Women of Sika” forum was organized in May 2019. Female participants from various departments, cultures, and age groups were invited to spend two days attending workshops and discussions on how programs for women can contribute to Sika’s success.

Listen to what our colleagues have to say about their experience in Sika.

"It is not always easy being a woman in a male dominated industry, but as a woman I am also respected in different ways and I get to speak my thoughts and have time to express myself."

Hadeer Korayem
Specification Manager GCC

"I have seldom worked in a company where people work so much with each other and not against each other. Building Trust is not just an empty slogan here: it means something to our customers and also inside Sika."

Claire Thorey
Head Wind Energy EMEA

"The Women at Sika Initiative is about making the organisation aware of the benefits of Diversity. Men play an equal role in this conversation. It is about being mindful that everyone has a voice and that that voice is heard." Jeremy Chilton, VP of Marketing Concrete/Waterproofing Sika USA

"If I look at other women managers?in Sika opportunities do not seem far away. Sika has really broken the barriers here."

Tina Katic-Michalos
Lead Generation Manager USA

"Sika is my home. I have been able?to structure things around my family and develop myself while working in a?dynamic environment."

Catalina Guerrero
Head Marketing & Communications - LATAM

At Sika we can proudly say that many of our employees stay with us over a long period of time. Our entrepreneurial culture allows for a great variety of career opportunities within the organization the over the years. This leads to the advantage that we have a lot of expertise and knowledge within Sika that all our colleagues can benefit from.?